Mar 16, 2021

Project Runway Through Time: Tomme de Chambrille


If you fancy a 10-20 minute trip down a runway through time, my daughter Ginger's  historic French fashion show -- of pieces she sewed herself over the past year or so -- is up and online for public/free viewing. Whether you're interested in France, fashion, or history, you're sure to learn something. This is the culmination of the senior project she was preparing for when she visited Paris, which she wrote about in A Year in Fromage's first guest-written post, Old-Fashioned Fashion.

Feb 7, 2021

French Bakery in my Kitchen: Saint André


We have been sheltering in place for nearly a year now: San Francisco has been particularly conservative about regulations, and our kids haven't attended one single day of school in person since the beginning of March 2020! So, during this past year we have -- like all of you -- spent an inordinate amount of time inside our own house (and missed our summer in France). Perhaps inevitably, we have turned to a lot of home-made solutions for fulfilling our French cravings, some with more success than others. I tell you unashamedly that the amount of butter, sugar, and flour we have gone through these past twelve months is astonishing, verging on revolting. It's not great for the cholesterol, but it does help lift the spirits when the whole house smells like a patisserie or boulangerie. If you, too, want a patisserie or boulangerie in your own home, here are some of our tips, discoveries, warnings, and favorite recipes.

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