May 26, 2017

All My Boozy Cheeses: Petit Pont Cidre


For something new and fun, I'm writing about cheese...and getting paid for it. But there was just one thing about my article in Wine Enthusiast about alcohol-rubbed cheeses that rubbed me the wrong way: I couldn't include all the cheeses I wanted! The French have always been a little inventive with their liquor (and their cheese).

May 19, 2017

Priced Out in Paris: Tomme Caussenarde


In a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, I read that it is more expensive to live in Paris (#5 on the list) than in London (#6), New York (#7), and San Francisco (not even in the top ten, though Los Angeles is tied for #8 with Seoul and Copenhagen).

May 12, 2017

Wild Elephants Couldn't Make Me: Sauvaget Cendré


And now, for part II of the story of Les Machines de L'Ile, I present you the biggest part of the story, in every sense of the word. Three story-high roving mechanical elephants. Did you know such things existed? Could you ever have imagined seeing -- or riding in -- one of these?

May 5, 2017

Wildly Imaginative: Sauvaget


You know those moments (and election seasons) that make you simply despair for humanity? Well, a visit to Les Machines de l'Ile in Nantes is the antidote to that. It's a testament to the best in humanity: creativity, wonder, joy, innovation.

Plus, now I get to say that I've actually seen with my own two eyes my baby being flown to be in a stork's basket (OK, it's a heron, but still).

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