May 30, 2016

PoeTry with a Capital T: Raclette à la Moutarde


Who doesn't like the occasional, nice souvenir T-shirt? It's been surprisingly hard to find great ones in France. We're trying to avoid the huge "I ♥ PARIS"/Eiffel Tower type of T-shirt, but still want something that screams "French!" Here's this textured, slightly 3-dimensional portrayal of a 2-dimensional stereotype: Beret? Check. Striped shirt? Check. Bicycle? Check. Cute fluffy dog? Check. There's even a little architecture thrown in.

May 24, 2016

Almost There: Tomme de Rhuys


When you are in Vannes, you are almost on the Atlantic coast. Almost. In fact, you are just slightly inland, on a canal that leads out to the Gulf of Morbihan which, in turn, leads (eventually) out to the Atlantic Ocean. And one of the must-do things when you are in the Golfe de Morbihan (at first, Anthony thinks there are golf courses everywhere) is to go out to the islands.


May 18, 2016

Overload of Charm, Butter, and the letter Z: Tomme de Bretagne


For 23 euro per person, and because of a gymnastics competition, we find ourselves on a train for Vannes, a pretty old town in the Morbihan, which is in turn an area of the region of Bretagne. What we love about traveling around France are the happy surprises. We've never heard of the place and only came because of the competition, but it's charming. Delightfully charming. Ridiculously charming. It's like living inside a little fairy tale about an old charming Breton town.


May 11, 2016

Steeling Ideas: Tomme de Yenne...and Beiralacte


Several times in Lisbon, I have these flashes of "Where am I?" as I see the imitation -- or at least the hints -- of far-flung places, including Paris. That Gustave Eiffel is everywhere, it seems. Here, in the heart of old Lisbon, stands another of Eiffel's towers, certainly less famous but rather more practical than the more iconic one in Paris.

May 5, 2016

Why am I on this Roller Coaster?: Couronne de Brebis


On a recent warm, sunny weekend day, our family finds itself in an unusual situation: no play dates, no classes, no gymnastics competitions, no social plans, no urgent homework. I want to walk and explore a new exhibit, but my family conspires against me and we instead end up at the Foire du Trône (literally Fair of the Throne). So when I ask, "Why am I on this Roller Coaster?," the question is a literal one, not philosophical. And the answer is that Anthony hits me on my weak spot: "Kazz, you can write about it: it's part of Paris history..."

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