Sep 28, 2014

Minnie & Mustang, A Love Story: Mourachou


Older SW&GB (Single White & Gray Female Dog) ISO SMD of any color, race, or breed, in Maine or France. Open to serious relationships, only. Contact Minnie from Maine.

Bonjour, Minnie from Maine. I am an older SW&BrMD who looks now for amour. I was struck when I see your photo -- not by a car that comes around the corner, but by your intense beauty. Is it that you will tell me more about the lovely Mademoiselle Minnie? I am called Mustang.

Dear Mustang,
I like taking long walks on the beach, especially the rocky coast of my hometown in Maine, where I leave my mark every 50 feet or so. I spend my summers here, where I enjoy both land and water. Like so many Mainers, I love the outdoors, especially with the wind in my face. Sometimes I enjoy just looking out over the ocean and thinking.


I have had no luck with males. They have all been real dogs (pardon the pun). Without meaning to be rude, you sound as if perhaps English is not your native tongue. Are you from France? Do you still live there? I spend my summers in Maine but often much of the rest of the year in Paris, which is why I am open to meeting somebody from either place.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Dear Minnie,
You have been correct. I am French. But not a French bulldog! Sacré bleu! No, and not a French poodle, who is all the time with the balls of cotton at the tail's end.

I indeed live in Paris, and I too like to taking the long walks. The most beautiful route for my promenade is on a bridge over the Seine river, and around the small islands, Ile St. Louis and Ile de la Cité, in the middle of Paris. My work -- and my passion -- is in a boutique of antiques. We sell to the people paintings and earrings and many old treasures. But what sort of males could be such bad dogs to such an adorable, mini Minnie?
I send you salutations from Paris,

Dear Mustang,
Honestly, where to begin? Here is just a partial list of some of the dogs I've dealt with. There was Jean-Claude Van Bark: he too loved old painting, but mostly he was a sly old dog, and what he really loved was forging old paintings and selling them illegally.

Blaze was dapper, but he was a rake, a cad, a bounder. He especially liked bounding after tennis balls.

Montblanc was a Mama's boy. Sometimes I felt like he couldn't even stand on his own four feet.

Fanfare and Charlemagne were fine, fine specimens. Yet in the end, both were too haughty, too proud.
There was Rodolfo, who I thought was a nice compromise between high-class and down-to-earth, sometimes down-in-the-earth. Then I found out he was already married at the time he was seeing me. That dirty dog. And in his case, I mean it literally, as well as figuratively.


And let's not forget Hubert Thomas James Wilson Landon-Wittenhouse III, who was -- how shall I put this? -- simply a no, good, lazy, slimy slug.

I am afraid this list of dud relationships makes me look like high maintenance, but I'll eat just about anything from my bowl, and only need to be walked the usual two or three times per day. Perhaps I have just been unlucky. I am, genuinely, sweet natured and loving and perhaps just too trusting. So please, rather than break my little heart, just tell me if you're toying with me like a frisbee. I'd rather walk away now with my tail held high.
Hoping you're different,

Dearest Minnie,
I cannot say to you "my bark is worse than my bite", as you say in English, because, my dear Minnie, I do not bark. Or bite. Except for to chewing my food, bien sur. I howled to read of these bad dogs. Bad, bad dogs. I am a good boy, a very good boy, and I know this objectively because so many times each day I hear this when people say to me. I will only treat you with tenderness. I promise to you, a French dog knows a thing or two about love.
I lick your paw,

Dearest Mustang,
Can it be true? I feel it is too much to hope. I must ask, can you send me a photo of yourself? And when can we meet?

Dear heart Minnie, mon petit chou,
Of course. Here is several photographs. One  you will see me with the award I win for best antiques entrepreneur in Paris two years ago for my boutique on Ile St. Louis. The other pictures I take for you now in the hope that you will find me as handsome as I find you so beautiful. Please come to Paris as soon as possible, and find here where I await for you in my store.
Your loving Mustang


THE CHEESE: Mourachou

Mourachou (sometimes mis-spelled as Mourachu) is raw goats' milk cheese from Burgundy. The one I buy and taste is more specifically a farmhouse cheese from the Rizet Farm. It can come aged, like the one pictured, or very, very fresh -- soft white and mild. But where's the fun in that? I prefer the tang, power, and texture of the aged version -- several months.

The bumpy, mottled crust is a three-dimensional, slightly furry mix of grays, blacks, whites, and reddish-browns. Yes, it's edible, and yes I actually "ed" it. It's delicious. I love the toothy bite as it mixes in with the creamy white interior. The cheese is indeed creamy, but in a way that's very thick and firm. The taste is a perfect balance of nuttiness, salt, sweet, and floral notes. Mourachou is a sophisticated country cheese.


Oh, mon petit chou, my little darling, my love, my honeybunch, my snookums! Not only is there a "chou" in the name of the cheese, but the cheese also starts with an M, like Minnie & Mustang. Like these two gorgeous Shih Tzus, the Mourachou is a mottled gray, white, and brown and is easy to love.



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