Aug 18, 2014

Window Licking: Le Pardoux


Meet Caramel, our friend's dog, and one who literally licks the windows. And tries to bite them, too.

But in French, "lécher les vitrines" or "licking the windows" is not just for the dogs. It's an expression that means "window shopping" (often seen as "faire du lèche-vitrine" -- "to do some window-licking") and is a preferred past-time of many a tourist and Parisian as well as misbehaving doggie.

I feel like the window at l'Éclair de Genie demonstrates clearly an instance when you would want to lick the window, almost literally.

Window-licking is, of course, especially fun during the time of the Soldes -- or sales -- when not only can I lick the windows but maybe even pop in and buy something, too. These complete outfits on the girls, for example, cost next to nothing on the very last day of the summer Soldes.
Make no mistake, though: No amount of Soldes is going to make me buy some of the high-end stuff, with matching price-tags (what's 60% off something that's 2000% more than I want to spend?). For those, I just stick out my tongue and lécher les vitrines.
THE CHEESE: Le Pardoux
Ladeled into a flat disk, Le Pardoux is a raw goats' milk cheese in Deux-Sèvres, in the heart of goat country in western France.

This thick, creamy cheese is made in Saint-Pardoux by Le Poirier, a farming cooperative enterprise that's been active for 12 years.

The texture is lovely, and it comes in both ashed or plain versions. Both are sold on leaves. Either way, the flavor is quite mellow and neutral.
After we moved to Paris, one of our new French friends invited us to their house for dinner. After the main course, they served us a lovely cheese course. Their then-three year old daughter -- a real pistol of a kid -- reached over to the platter, picked up a whole, new flat disk of a cheese, stuck her tongue out, and slowly licked it from one end to the other. Her parents grabbed it from her and put it back on the platter, cut it up and served it to all of us, along with the other cheeses. Yes, we all ate the crust. I don't actually know what cheese it was, since this was nearly three years ago and before I was obsessively recording all my cheeses. But I do know it looked very much like the white version of le Pardoux.


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