Aug 28, 2014

Tops and Bottoms: Pyramide

We all know the stereotype: topl*ss women sunning on a beach. Yes, it's true that you'll see more of that here in France than you will in the largely Puritanical U.S. It's not only legal everywhere, but also culturally accepted. However, it's an evolving custom -- and you'll see fewer topl*ss women sunbathing now than in the past decades, and fewer up north than down south. So few, in fact, it's pretty much like being in California.

We don't see much sunbathing in Paris, but even at Paris Plage, somebody decides to go sans top.
At the stores, b-kini tops and bottoms are sold separately, in various mix and match options. But what I find particularly interesting is that young girls on Frenh beaches are generally topl*ss. Up until the age of around 10 or 12, girls mostly wear these sorts of puffy, fabric bottoms.
Funny enough, when Pippa -- then age 6 -- wears a complete b-kini, her friend wants to wear one too. Her parents allow her, but begrudgingly. It takes quite a while for her parents to get used to the idea of seeing their little daughter in b-kini tops: From their perspective, it makes her and Pippa look like they're trying to be grown-up and s*xy, whereas topl*ss would be the more child-like and innocent outfit.
THE CHEESE: Pyramide
Like a Pouligny St. Pierre, or a Valençay, the Pyramide is pyramid-shaped. Well, with a name like that, what else would it be? Frankly, I think a Pyramide is mostly the way to name a goats' milk cheese that is made in a similar way to Pouligny St. Pierre and Valençay but cannot be called either of those due to AOP regulations.
The farm-house version I taste has a fairly strong goat taste, in a wonderful way. It's made with both winter and spring milk, but (the farmer tells me) not summer and fall milk. That makes the taste less floral and herbaceous, but even the more neutral taste is quite lovely.
Just like the little girls on the beach, and some of the women, a Pyramide has less on the top, and more on the bottom.


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