Aug 10, 2014

Signs of the Times: Meule de Montagne


I love these old-fashioned signs you see that show on the outside what you will find on the inside. Since this is a tradition that started way back when there wasn't neon, or even electricity, and most of the populace was illiterate. So there's not much to say, because their entire purpose is to speak for themselves. Alsace is just full of them.

I like that this is a tradition that continues. These modern signs leave no doubt in the mind about what's in store. 


In the tiny town of Bergheim, this is actually a sundial, but since it's hanging on the building like a sign, I want to include it. We spend at least 15 minutes trying to figure out as much as we can about this, the most complex sundial I've ever seen. It tells not only time of day but also months, seasons, years, zodiac signs, moon phases, and more. It's amazing.

THE CHEESE: Meule de Montagne

Meule de Montagne is another basic raw cows' milk mountain cheese. In this case, that's made clear in the name: montagne. It's a smooth cheese, surprisingly creamy and soft for such a big wheel.

The taste is mild, with hints of sweet grass from the grazing land.


This is the sign at the spot where I taste this Meule de Montagne. You need to be literate for this one; there aren't any pictures of cheese, but it'll have to do.


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