May 11, 2014

Mom's the Word: Coeur du Lot


When I first moved to France, I noticed an odd reaction when I would tell French people about my mother (mère) and father (père). Some would even laugh. "Mother?! Father?!" Who am I? The Queen of England?

While mother and father are, of course, real words, they are apparently not used too much to refer to, well, one's mother and father. Not only do grown-ups call their parents "Maman" and "Papa", they also nearly always refer to their parents this way even when the parents are nowhere to be seen. And they even refer to themselves as "Maman" and "Papa", as in "I'm the maman of 2 children." Or they'll sign the note, "Maman de Sophie".

My own father -- or rather dad, who has been known as "Pop-pop" for the past 22 years, recently decided that Pop-pop doesn't sound dignified coming from the mouths of his 22 and 18 year old grandsons. Well, he should check out France, where people who are grandparents still refer to their own grandparents as "Mamie" and "Papi".

I would like it to be known, by the way, now that it's Mother's Day for my own mother (but not for me here in France,  where Mother's Day happens two weeks from now. And should I be calling it Mom's Day?!) that I am, finally, taller than my own mother. I've always dreamed of the day when she would shrink her way past me so that, at 4'10¾", I could be taller than somebody.

THE CHEESE: Coeur du Lot

Coeur du Lot is, as the name suggests, a (barely) heart-shaped cheese from Lot, which is in the Dordogne in southwestern France. It's made from pasteurized goat's milk and has, probably as a result, a somewhat firmer texture than many goat cheeses. It's still creamy, however.

The taste is also less intensely goaty than many other goats. Again, this may come from the pasteurization. Or it could just be a It's a mild goat that's easy to eat and hard to hate.


It's a heart, obviously, so this Coeur du Lot seems right for a discussion on mothers and fathers. And I do love my maman and my papa a Lot (ugh. Bad pun). Furthermore, it's a goat cheese, and what does the goat say? Mère? Mother? No. It says "ma-ma."


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